For any modern business in Tulsa that is dealing with hardware products, warehouse security is a critical component. Many different types of products and hardware equipment are kept in warehouses, and are usually in a location separate from where all of the distribution occurs. For a company to avoid theft or other kinds of losses from their warehouses, the proper precautions need to be set in place to make sure that it stays secure. Unfortunately, a lot of companies forgo installing integrated security systems into their warehouses, and end up experiencing huge losses as a result. To assist you in avoiding this, here are some of the main reasons we believe that you should secure your warehouse using professional surveillance, and why it will be a benefit to you and your company.



There are numerous reasons why investing in surveillance for your warehouse in Tulsa is one of the best decisions you can make.

Warehouse Surveillance Keeps Employees Safe


While there are many valuable items in your warehouse, the most valuable are most certainly the employees that are working there daily. It goes without saying that every person employed and stationed at your warehouse deserves a working environment that is safe and secure. A surveillance system in Tulsa is also able to help your employees when it comes to situations where there have been threats from co-workers, accusations of abuse, or crimes committed against someone on staff. Management will be able to review footage, and help resolve conflicts quickly, efficiently and accurately.


Warehouse Surveillance Provides Remote Monitoring 


These days, a lot of companies actually have multiple warehouses, and this makes monitoring all the happenings of each one very challenging. However, with the use of a P.C ads video recorder, you will be able to stream the feed of your surveillance footage online. This gives you the ability to see the live feed of multiple warehouses all at the same time, and from the same central location if needed. In addition, because all of the feeds are online, you will be able to have immediate access from your smartphone or tablet, and even receive notifications if there is an alert that a break in is occurring. This allows you to have a much wider range of access, all while being able to be wherever you need to be.


Warehouse Surveillance Helps To Manage Access

In the daily comings and goings of a functional warehouse, trucks will be in and out of a warehouse very regularly, shipments of product are being sorted and distributed, and a large number of employees will be arriving for work, and leaving for the day. With this much activity happening, it is extremely difficult to monitor exactly who is coming and who is going, who has access, or who is an intruder. This quickly becomes a safety hazard to the employees working, as well as to the products and equipment that is being stored. A security system will also restrict what kind of access any outside visitors have to the warehouse, and will also help in pinpointing who does not have the proper authorization for getting into your facility. A security system in your warehouse is the best decision you could ever make when trying to manage access regularly.


Warehouse Surveillance Protects Valuable Assets From Theft

Theft can come in all shapes in sizes when large quantities of expensive merchandise and equipment are being stored in one central location. Unfortunately, internal theft is one of the biggest factors in loss of merchandise, and it can happen a lot more frequently than you think. When certain employees feel like they aren’t being watched, or they feel like they aren’t getting the pay they deserve, they just have too much easy access to valuable assets, and the opportunity is too much for them to resist. In addition to theft that is internal, it can also come from external threats from the outside. Break-ins are a reality and can happen in even the largest warehouses. With the implementation of warehouse surveillance, many if not all of these threats are able to be neutralized. Video surveillance and access control will enable you to monitor your warehouse at all times, and especially at night. Movement is able to activate certain cameras, and are able to give you a birds eye view of exactly where the threat is, who the threat is from and what they are trying to steal. With alarm based intrusion detection at every point of entry will also make it very difficult for intruders to get in. On top of internal surveillance, surveillance on the perimeter of your facility will help with preventing external threats, and in a lot of cases, prevent them from ever happening in the first place. A central monitoring station will be able to be set up, and the surveillance system will be able to alert any of the security that is currently onsite, so that they can get there as quickly as possible to take the proper actions needed.

Warehouse Surveillance Enforces Regulatory Requirements & Quality Control

Depending on where your warehouse is located, there are some strict regulatory requirements that companies need to adhere to when storing and distributing certain types of merchandise. Requirements for controlled drugs and substances, as well as other exotic substances or materials need to be strictly followed in order to avoid risking breaking any laws, but also to protect your warehouse from other potential threats. In addition to certain regulatory requirements, every warehouse has a standard for operations and needs to be able to make sure that these standards are being kept and maintained. Employees who ignore these standards are a threat to the quality of product, which reflects negatively on you and your company. Surveillance of your warehouse will enable you to closely monitor all operations so that you can make sure regulatory requirements are being kept, and the quality of your merchandise is staying as high as it can possibly be. It is also able to help you monitor procedures so that proper training can be held, and floor managers can address immediate issues that arise daily.