When it comes to security on a construction site in Tulsa, there are a lot of very large assets that are left vulnerable and in the open. Heavy machinery, company vehicles, raw materials, or even the appliances waiting to be installed are all susceptible to theft or damage.

With construction sites being so large, and equipment everywhere, precautions should be taken to ensure that they stay safe and secure. Thankfully, technology has advanced in security surveillance, and there are measures that can be taken to do just that.



There are quite a few reasons why surveillance at a construction site is considered to be highly important, and should be invested in as a necessary precaution.

Construction Surveillance Protects Against Theft


Construction sites often lose money from stolen equipment. This doesn’t even include building materials or tools that are also very easily accessible for those looking for a quick payday. Due to the lack of attention and theft prevention for this equipment, easy targets have been provided to burglars. Because equipment is so large, and too difficult to drive in and out every single work day, these companies really have no other choice than to leave the materials and other valuable pieces of equipment unattended. With investment into a surveillance system for your construction site however, being in fear of leaving all of that equipment unattended is a thing of the past. With real time surveillance and asset trackers, you can be sure that your property will be kept safe so that the job can continue on time, on schedule, and with all of the assets that you originally started out with.



Construction Surveillance Helps Quality Control


Employees can be hired and thrown on a job with little to no monitoring to ensure the job is getting done as effectively or efficiently as possible. A construction surveillance system will allow management to review employee productivity, job performance and even pinpoint areas where they need to improve. With these tools, project managers are able to know what’s going on at all times on their site, but also maintain the quality that is desired from the beginning of the project, all the way to the end.


Construction Surveillance Can Be Used In Remote Locations


Construction sites in Tulsa are often in remote areas, or in places that aren’t easy to access at all times. This can cause a lot of problems, especially if you are wanting real time monitoring of the project, and don’t really have a good way to review the progress unless you are there in person. Thankfully, some surveillance systems are able to be set up remotely, providing you with the access you need without having to make the trek all the way to the actual construction site. With this technology, you are able to see live updates, time lapses and monitor all progress at just the click of a button from the comfort of your office, alternate worksite or even your home.


Construction Surveillance Protects Against Trespassing & Vandalism

Trespassers may not necessarily have any bad intentions, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be very dangerous for them. There is a reason construction workers where helmets and take extra safety precautions while on the work site, and those trespassing onto the site should adhere to them by staying off of the site unless authorized to do so. And while graffiti can be beautiful and a contribution of artists in some cases, in others, it might be very inappropriate and end up costing the owner a large some of money as they need to remove it or cover it up. While in the past, stopping trespassing and vandalism at construction sites has seemed very difficult, but this all changes when the proper security measures are put into place. Construction surveillance in the form of security cameras, proper fencing and other precautions will keep those thinking about trespassing onto a site to think twice, and will keep them far away from your assets.


Construction Surveillance Keeps Employees Safe

On a job site, there are any number of things that could go wrong, and a lot of times it is difficult to keep track of every employee at all times. This can create some dangerous situations if someone is working on a project and has an accident. It could be a matter of seconds, minutes or longer before anyone notices, and the damage caused could be severe. A surveillance system eliminates this problem by providing real time monitoring of your entire job site, so that any unforeseen issues can be addressed as quickly as possible. Cameras are also able to be set up on the perimeter of a construction site, keeping eyes on all other potential access points at all times. While a surveillance system can help directly, it is also able to help indirectly. Security precautions for access points allow management to monitor who is on site at all times, and if there are any intruders among the workers. Employee harassment, abuse and threats are a real danger in the workplace, and being able to check the footage that has been captured will be able to help resolve conflicts faster, and make sure your employees are being treated the way that they should be.