Being in charge of a school in Tulsa is a really big responsibility. With so many students under one roof, it’s easy to assume that things might not always go the way they should. With so many unknown factors within a school, you want to be sure that you have as much control of the environment as possible, so that the students and their parents can be confident of their security. Sadly, a lot of schools don’t have an adequate security plan in place, and have a lot of holes in the areas that may seem the most safe to teachers and parents. In a school environment, letting your guard down can open up windows of opportunity for something to go wrong, and you never know when these things are going to happen. Because surveillance technology has advanced over time, keeping an eye on everything that goes on at your school has never been easier yet more complex as well. With the multitude of options, complexity of proper security, and ever changing technology world, it’s important to ensure you make the right investment for your schools surveillance. Many schools are taking time to invest into high quality surveillance systems, like the ones available with Tulsa Surveillance Technologies, and are seeing the fruits of that investment over time. Taking the right safety precautions should be a normality in any school system, and there are many reasons why.



So what are the reasons for having an integrated security system? Is it really that vital to a school functioning properly? It’s essential to understand just how important a proper surveillance system is for your school. We’ve shared a few reasons with you, along with a couple more insights on why trusting Tulsa Surveillance Technologies is the right investment you can make for your school.

Our Students Are More Then We Think


A lot of people are not fully aware that children are actually able to comprehend what is going on around them. Countless students are regularly hearing about violence in other schools and all over the country, and they are not unaffected by it. With these terrible things happening at schools in America, it’s easy to see why some children in Tulsa would be scared that something bad could happen where they go to school as well. Knowing that this is a reality means that we have a responsibility to ensure that every child in the community is able to feel secure and safe where they go to school. One of the best ways to do that is to take the proper measures for security on the school premises, and inform the students that they are in place. This paired with a healthy routine of going over proper safety drills and guidelines will help students sleep better at night.



Parents Are Concerned For Their Children


While students might be struggling with certain fears, parents are most certainly struggling with concerns of their own. There is nothing more unsettling than knowing your child is in a school, and there is nothing you can personally do to ensure that they will be safe. Deciding to install an integrated surveillance system, with Tulsa Surveillance Technologies, in a school is a great first step towards ensuring safety to the parents. And it starts to build a solid foundation of trust that security at the school is completely under control. Parents will no longer be staying up at night wondering if an incident is going to be at their child’s school, no more being constantly on edge. This kind of system, coupled with informing parents with security reports and updates, will begin to help cultivate a strong atmosphere of trust that will last.


School Violence Among Students Is Still A Problem


It is terrible that there have been fights and shootings in schools over the past few years, and the effects of these crimes are long lasting. While it would be so much better to say that these types of incidents have stopped, that just wouldn’t be the truth. The reality of possible violence and crime in schools are still prevalent, and are still something that we should keep at the forefront of our minds. Because it is still a problem, it means that action steps towards reliable security are needed now more than ever, and shouldn’t be put on the back burner. Installing a top notch surveillance system with Tulsa Surveillance Technologies puts an emphasis on enforcing security procedures helps to decrease these possibilities of violence, and that is well worth the cost.



We can all agree that the safety of students is a high priority, and there are good reasons to enforce a high quality surveillance system, but how does it work practically? Is the idea just to throw up cameras and call it a day? Today’s technology has allowed for more advanced measures to be made readily available to schools through companies like Tulsa Surveillance Technologies. By staying up to date on the latest in surveillance, Tulsa Surveillance Technologies is able to provide a much more comprehensive surveillance system for your school beyond just cameras.


A Surveillance System Is A Crime Deterrent

Just the fact that cameras and other practical security measures are present and visible on the property will strongly discourage criminal activity from taking place. On top of that, if the criminal tries to forgo commence sense and commit a crime anyway, all of it will be caught on tape, and will be able to be held against them in court.


A Surveillance System Gives Access Control

Having this measure in place keeps visitors who are unauthorized from entering the facility, and gives you more control for knowing who is already in the building. Only students or staff who have been authorized to enter will have access, and automatic locks on all of the entrances will enforce keeping anyone inside, or outside the building depending on the situation at hand.

A Surveillance System Enables Emergency Response

An integrated surveillance system can be connected to the emergency systems and fire alarms that are already in place at your school. The way these systems all work together creates a hybrid of security that allows for the fastest possible emergency response services. The installed cameras will be able to provide real-time monitoring of the emergency, and actions will be able to be taken faster than they would normally be able to.


A Surveillance System Helps Gather Evidence

Vandalism, theft and other crimes are all a big concern at any school, but are quickly eliminated with the installation of a surveillance system. With everything being monitored closely, evidence is able to be gathered quickly and efficiently, leaving no room for misunderstandings or false accusations of any kind. Conflicts are able to be resolved at a much faster rate, which allows you to focus more on the bigger task of running the whole school.

A Surveillance System Monitors The Parking Lot

While video surveillance is very effective inside a facility, it is not the only place where they can be of use. Security cameras are able to be installed on the outside of your facility, giving you full few of all of the parking lots near or around the school. Parking lots are usually a hot spot for misbehavior or misdemeanors, but are usually much quieter with the presence of proper surveillance. They are also a big help in the late night hours, when there are possible risks of theft or break ins.