https://tulsasurvtech.com/alarms/If you own a storage unit, you are responsible for dozens of people’s belongings. Many times, these belongings are irreplaceable like photos, wedding memorabilia, etc. That is why having a quality surveillance system on the property is vital. Most businesses don’t want to put out the extra money to hire 24/7 security. Having a surveillance system you can trust is the best solution! Tulsa Surveillance Tech is Tulsa’s number one surveillance company. We have serviced businesses all over Tulsa with security camera installations. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our customers have reliable surveillance equipment that they can count on. We use the best brands with all of our services. In addition, our team of highly trained experts are always on the job. 

Tulsa Storage Unit


Help Your Customers Feel Secure


Having a surveillance system in place can be a huge selling point for your customers. If people know that the unit they are renting is protected by 24 hr surveillance, this will make them feel more secure in using your service. In addition, security cameras will detour many criminals from attempting to break in and steal anything. A surveillance system would allow you to go back and look at footage to identify theft, ensure your workers are honest, and give you peace of mind that your business is protected.



Save You Time and Money


Here at Tulsa Surveillance Technologies, we not only provide the security equipment needed for you to successfully secure your business, but we also provide installation as well. Our team of experts will ensure the cameras are placed in a way that you want, whether that is obvious or discrete. The investment is well worth the money and time you will be saving in the long run. Our security cameras and equipment have saved businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, damaged fees, and costly alternative security solutions.


Keep your Business Safe from Litigation


Housing other peoples items is a huge responsibility. Within your storage unit, there could potentially be lots of valuable items being stored. It is important to not leave those assets vulnerable with no security system in place, or one that isn’t reliable. Even though your customers may understand the risks of using a storage unit, you could still be opening yourself to legal issues if you neglect to put proper security measures in place to keep peoples items safe. Tulsa Surveillance Technologies wants to give you the peace of mind in knowing that all of the items stored at your facility are being looked after with our reliable security systems.