Restaurants are a place that people visit to have a basic need met, nourishment for their bodies. However, restaurants are so much more than that! If you own a restaurant, you know that your establishment is a place where people connect with one another. It is a place where celebrations are held, both small and intimate gatherings as well as much larger parties. For many people, restaurants symbolize comfort and relaxation. For families, a meal at your restaurant is a break from the many strenuous tasks of the day. Busy students find comfort and relief in a quick meal between midterm exams. Couples come together to reconnect on a date night after the busy demands of their days. These interactions are only possible in a place that is safe and secure. This is exactly why Tulsa restaurant surveillance is crucial to the success of your establishment. After all, you have worked long, hard years to build your business! Protecting your customers, employees, and assets is an investment in yourself. When your restaurant feels safe, your business will continue to grow, just as you have always dreamed.



There are several reasons why a restaurant surveillance system is so important to the overall success of your business. Today, we will cover just a few of the many reasons why we believe every restaurant in Tulsa should invest in a restaurant surveillance system.


Prevents Theft


Theft is a common problem in restaurants of all types. When you install a surveillance system in your restaurant, you provide yourself with the capability to prevent theft. One of the most common types of theft in a restaurant is “dine and dash” or customer theft. If you have customers leave without paying their bill, the footage captured on your surveillance system will allow you to identify them. This footage may even prevent them from accomplishing this form of theft. Although you always hope that your employees are trustworthy, a surveillance system also helps to prevent internal theft. Whether it be food from the kitchen, or a co-worker’s cash tip off a table that wasn’t theirs, a restaurant surveillance system will prevent these types of situations from occurring.



Improves Response Time


Depending on the type of restaurant you own, there are inevitably times when the patrons become rowdy. Whether it be a large celebration, a sporting event, or just a normal weekend, a restaurant security system can help prevent these potential disruptions of peace before they get out of hand. In addition, should the event of a medical emergency occur in your establishment, surveillance footage may help the staff to contact emergency crews in a more prompt fashion, improving the response time of first responders.


Reduces Liabilities 


There is great potential for legal cases within the restaurant industry. Whether it be an employee that is injured on the job, a customer that became ill, or a simple slip and fall incident, these legal matters can be pricey. A restaurant surveillance system will capture the footage surrounding these events. This footage will provide clarity to the parties involved, saving you both time and money in the settling of legal matters.



Provides Peace of Mind


As a business owner, you should feel the freedom to leave your restaurant to be cared for by employees. Sadly, it is often hard to unwind while you are away. Installing a restaurant surveillance system will provide you with access to real-time footage of what is happening at your establishment from the comfort of your own home. This can also be valuable in determining if the staff could use backup support during rush hours without bothering the manager on shift.



As a restaurant owner, you realize that your establishment has unique surveillance needs. Because we specialize in helping restaurant owners secure their businesses, we can assist in identifying the type of system that your establishment requires.


Busy Dining Area

A successful restaurant is often very busy, especially in the main dining area. Because of this, your surveillance system should be able to capture multiple aspects of the room. This will provide you with comprehensive footage should you need to review it for any reason.


Kitchen and Food Prep Areas

Adding surveillance to your kitchen and other food prep areas will assist you in overseeing the backend of your restaurant. Doing so will give you insight into how to improve systems and procedures. It will also allow you to ensure that your staff is observing important food safety guidelines at all times.


Expensive Inventory

Any restaurant owner knows that both the equipment of the kitchen and the large inventory of unmade food are a significant investment. It is crucial to watch these investments through a surveillance system to be sure that they are being cared for properly. For example, a surveillance system in an area like a deep freeze room will eliminate product waste due to a door that isn’t closed properly. Installing surveillance in areas that are home to these expensive items is the best way to protect your investment.



Although it requires an investment on your part, restaurant surveillance will greatly benefit you as a restaurant owner.

Creates Safe Atmosphere


By adding a surveillance system to your restaurant, you are creating a safe atmosphere. This will encourage customers to return to your establishment and to invite their friends. In addition to satisfied customers, your employees will also feel safe and secure. This is especially important during early morning or late night shifts.



Increases Revenue


A restaurant surveillance system will increase the overall revenue of your business. By encouraging customers to return, your business will continue to grow. Surveillance systems also increase revenue by preventing theft.



Promotes Productivity


There is nothing more discouraging than walking into your restaurant during a slower time of the day and realizing that your staff is sitting around while there are important tasks left undone. A restaurant surveillance system establishes accountability and promotes productivity. Promoting productivity in this way also provides you the advantage of identifying both your strongest and weakest employees.


Technology for Tulsa Restaurant Surveillance

Just as restaurants have unique surveillance needs, they also require unique surveillance technology. Because of the atmosphere of a restaurant, certain factors will need to be taken into account while deciding on the perfect surveillance system. High-quality cameras will provide you with consistently clear footage, something that is especially important when identifying a suspect during an incident. A clear camera will also allow you to observe the procedures of your kitchen and food prep areas properly. In addition to the quality of the surveillance system you invest in, the placement of the cameras is also crucial to success. Because of this, it is important to hire a professional installation company to secure your establishment.


Restaurant Surveillance Professionals in Tulsa

We take pride in our role as Tulsa restaurant surveillance professionals. One of our specialties is equipping restaurants around Tulsa with surveillance systems that work perfectly for their environment and situation. During the installation process, we also take great care to install your surveillance system in a way that is both discreet and aesthetically pleasing. Let us help you grow your business by creating an atmosphere that is safe and secure.