Manufacturing units have several different layers of complexity that other simpler industries don’t have to be concerned with on a regular basis. Treating raw materials, inventory storage, transportation and production items are all a part of running an efficient manufacturing unit.


There is also a large number of laborers, equipment, special machinery, and experts who are all a part of making these units operate, and ensuring their safety and security should be a high priority for any company in Tulsa.


With so many different moving parts, production lines and departments, the safety of staff, and valuable assets are at risk of being exposed to internal theft, equipment hazards or even intrusions if the proper measures aren’t put into place.


Addressing security problems in your manufacturing unit will help to solve a lot of the complications and unforeseen problems that so often appear at these facilities, so we want to take a moment to share some of the benefits of having manufacturing surveillance installed at your facility.



From the dispatch of products, to the operation of the equipment, there are many different areas of manufacturing or industrial business that prove do benefit greatly from having a surveillance system put in place.

Manufacturing Surveillance Will Protect Your Assets


In a manufacturing facility, there will always be expensive equipment. This equipment is very vulnerable to theft if the proper precautions are not put in place. Using PTZ or Point, Tilt and Zoom cameras is a simple step that one can take to minimize this kind of risk. They are able to be placed at entrances and exits as well as other strategic points, and are able to be accessed remotely if any alarms have gone off. Having access control of your entire facility will also play a huge role in monitoring who is allowed in the facility and who is an intruder. When only authorized personnel are allowed into the building, all of your machines, goods, inventory, products and other assets are kept as safe as possible.


Manufacturing Surveillance Will Optimize Production And Operations


A Tulsa surveillance system will be able to help your company to monitor the entire process of production and how well the equipment and employees are performing. Analytics used from video surveillance is able to be used for studying the overall flow of the processes, and oversight will be able to pinpoint the source of some inefficiencies and problems with production. This kind of big picture view of the footage provides an advantage that is able to increase profits and maximize output from the company.


Manufacturing Surveillance Provides Perimeter Security


With a large manufacturing site comes a large perimeter. Because these perimeters cover such a vast piece of property, the possibility of intrusions and break-ins increase. It therefore becomes very important to make sure your entire perimeter is being guarded by a security system that is foolproof, and that you never have to lose sleep over whether or not your facility’s safety has been compromised. A surveillance system is able to provide that security by giving you real-time monitoring of the entire perimeter so that you never have to spend one minute worrying. No matter how large your property is, an integrated security system will be able to cover it all.


Manufacturing Surveillance Encourages Quality Control

When it comes to food processing, there are very strict requirements for maintaining the quality of food that is distributed, and how it is processed. Due to a shift in demographics, the kind of food we are eating on a regular basis is changing. These changes have increased a higher demand for better food quality, and more precautions to be taken. In order to achieve this, food processors are required for more varied production techniques to help fight against any food borne illness. In addition to monitoring the unit staff and other daily operations, food manufacturing surveillance can prove extremely helpful for identifying potential hazards like compliance breaches or cross contamination. With more and more storage facilities and manufacturing units the more chances there are for mistakes when it comes to the wrong storage temperatures, and using the proper protocol. Cameras can be used to help monitor these protocols, and ensure that the correct standards are being enforced. These special cameras are also able to be utilized for training purposes so that there can be consistent and high standards are able to be shown and maintained.


Manufacturing Surveillance Allows Remote Access

While there may be a desire to monitor offices that are located over different properties or multiple geographies, there are usually restraints with bandwidth issues over these distances. With new technologies being developed in surveillance like edge recording and adaptive streaming, owners are able to have much more control while having very little bandwidth. You are also able to have eyes on many different sites at once. Another benefit of this technology is that centralized management software allows real time monitoring of all high importance properties both remotely and centrally. With this upgrade in monitoring, management will be sure to see employees operating at a professional level, which in turn increases the overall productivity of the company.

Manufacturing Surveillance Creates A Safer Environment

Maintaining a safe work environment is for the best interest for both the employee, and the employer. The best way to do this is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place, and a security system will be able to assist in this effort. Having cameras that are visible serve as a good deterrent against any kind of dangerous activity, and it will help to enforce employee compliance with any safety regulations that are in place. A surveillance system in this kind of environment will also be able to help discourage lawsuits, and will reduce the expense of accidents by showing a well-kept record of any events that is impartial and assists with investigating the accident. No matter whose responsibility it was, security footage will be able to reveal where the weakness was so that actions can be taken to make sure a similar accident doesn’t happen again. As an added benefit, surveillance of a manufacturing facility will be able to help management to make sure all safety programs are being enforced. This creates an overall healthier, and safer environment for everyone.


Manufacturing Surveillance Allows Remote Access

On top of that, technology has advanced so that the use of thermal imaging can be used to show potential problems with equipment, and can alert workers to dangers that would otherwise not be noted during the hours that the facility is closed. Thermal cameras are perfect for detecting things like fire that are low-heat, especially in situations when visibility is poor or the lighting is not ideal. These special cameras are able to be calibrated to engage with the overall facilities security system, so that an operator or staff member is able to check on the threat as soon as it comes up. Where equipment failure may have been a costly event, these cameras are able to monitor heat parameters that have been set around certain pieces of machinery so that an operator is alerted if one of them happens to overheat. In the long run, having these precautions in place will be able to save your company time and money.