In today’s connected world, keeping your loved ones, belongings, and property safe is incredibly important. That’s where our Access Control and CCTV systems come in, offering you the peace of mind you need.



Your business is your livelihood. Not just to you but to your employees as well. Potential threats to your employees or business should be treated with the utmost urgency. Tulsa Surveillance Technologies will assess the property to evaluate your current safety measures. This includes evaluating any existing access control systems, cameras, servers, panic systems, and alarm systems. We will also walk you through any recommendations we have on potential changes to existing systems, or plans for a new system if one is not already in place.  With our access control systems, we can set up a different number of security options. Mobile credentials, keypads, card readers and fingerprint scanning are among a few examples we offer.


CCTV primarily serves the purpose of enhancing security. Numerous establishments such as businesses, bars, schools, restaurants, banks, country clubs, and residences utilize CCTV to enhance safety. Although the security system might not necessarily deter potential wrongdoers, it acts as a preventive measure to dissuade criminal activities from taking place in the first instance. There are many reasons why vigilant monitoring of your property is essential. Numerous households and businesses utilize CCTV to ensure the protection of their family members, staff, and valuables. By strategically situating cameras on the exterior of your residence or office, you can proficiently reduce the likelihood of criminal events.


A security alarm system is designed to identify intrusions, such as unauthorized entry, within various settings like buildings, homes, or schools. These alarms serve to safeguard against burglary, property damage, and intruders. Examples include individual security systems, neighborhood security alerts, car alarms, and business security. A variety of security systems exist, catering to different needs. Homeowners commonly opt for compact, self-contained noise-emitting devices. However, these systems can also be intricate, multifunctional setups with computer-based monitoring and control capabilities.