Investing in rental properties is a rather large undertaking. As a property manager, it is hard to know who you can trust in your space. The tenants who rent your property, whether that is an office building or an apartment building, have the ability to create an atmosphere of safety or one of crime. Because of this, it is wise to install surveillance equipment in your rental properties. However, before investing in rentals surveillance, there are a few things you should be aware of. Failing to abide by both state and federal laws when installing surveillance equipment could result in the loss of your investment properties or other serious ramifications. As Tulsa rentals surveillance professionals, we take great pride in providing you with the knowledge necessary to secure your investment in a way that is effective as well as entirely legal. We guarantee that our surveillance systems will provide both you and your tenants with peace of mind in knowing that the property is safe.



Installing a surveillance system in your rental property may not be something that you see as a necessity. However, we believe that every rental property, whether it is a commercial rental or a residential property, should be properly secured. Investing in a rental surveillance system will enable you to make the most out of your investment. In addition to maximizing your investment, a rental surveillance system will also keep both your tenants and your staff safe.


Prevents Destruction of Property


A rental property of any type is a considerable investment. Because of the nature of rental properties, this investment is at the hands of the tenants. However, a rental surveillance system can be of assistance in preventing the destruction of your investment property. In the unfortunate event that damage occurs, the footage that is captured by your surveillance system will enable you to identify the suspect and prevent further incidents from occurring.



Discourages Criminal Activity


Many studies have shown that a surveillance system is highly beneficial in discouraging criminal activity. Some of the most common types of crime to occur in rental properties are the distribution of illegal substances, minor violent crimes, and theft. Installing a surveillance system in appropriate areas will discourage these events from taking place on the property that you own.


Provides Valuable Insight 


As a rental property owner, it is likely that you have dealt with disagreements between yourself and a tenant. Disagreements also happen quite often between two tenants of the same building. A rental surveillance system can provide valuable insight into these situations that require mediation of any kind.



Establishes Accountability


Between old and new tenants, and a variety of maintenance professionals, people are always coming and going. Installing a surveillance system in your rental property establishes accountability for both tenants, staff, and contractors.



Installing Rental Surveillance Equipment


It is entirely legal to install surveillance equipment in the hallways of office or apartment buildings as well as around the exterior of the building. With any rental surveillance equipment, it is important that it is in clear view. Your Tulsa rental surveillance professionals will be able to advise you on further rules or regulations which may apply to your unique situation.



Rental surveillance is beneficial to both the property owner and the tenants that pay rent for use of the office or apartment space. There are several ways that the installation of a surveillance system will benefit all parties that are involved.


Protects Your Investment


A surveillance system is the best way to protect your investment in a commercial or residential rental property. By preventing damage and theft, a surveillance system will ensure that you are making the most of this large investment.



Allows You To Enforce Terms of Lease


An important part of owning any rental property is enforcing the terms of the lease agreement. Whether it is accidental or planned, tenants are likely to break the terms that you agreed upon. This is usually a small issue that is easily resolved. However, surveillance footage may help you in the event that further action is necessary to address the issue.


Keeps Your Tenants Safe


Tenants of any property, whether it be business or residential, highly value safety. A rental property that feels safe and secure will draw more tenants. These tenants will be much more likely to renew their lease year after year. In addition to having loyal tenants, you will also generate more income from your investment property.



Tulsa Rentals Surveillance Technology

It is important to install only the most updated rental surveillance technology. Just as you have invested in your rental property, you will also invest in your new surveillance system. You can get the most out of this investment by installing a system that is properly-suited for your needs. In addition to this, rental surveillance technology is constantly changing. Working with a Tulsa rental surveillance professional will enable you to utilize only the greatest surveillance equipment available.

Rentals Surveillance Professionals in Tulsa

We know that investing in a rental property is no small feat, because of this we take our job very seriously. As rental surveillance professionals in Tulsa, we guarantee that your rental property will be safe and secure. By working with a professional surveillance company, you can have confidence in knowing that your rental surveillance system is highly effective.