Unfortunately, in today’s society, there are no longer places that can be considered “safe.” This includes your church building. Many churches own valuable equipment which makes them a prime target for criminal activity. This equipment can include high-tech gear, expensive instruments, and the personal information of the congregation members. Because many people are naive to this very real threat, churches continue to become the victim of unnecessary crime. Thankfully, Tulsa church surveillance systems can help decrease the likelihood of these events. People within the walls of a church building want to feel safe and protected. A church, more than almost anywhere else, should feel just as safe as their own home. A church building is different in many ways from other types of commercial properties. This provides the owner with additional motivation to install a security system on the church property. When you are the owner of a church building, or when you are responsible for the safety of the building, you are responsible for so much more. Tulsa church surveillance systems help to protect the staff, congregation, and visitors that occupy the church building each and every day. This is why the installation of a professional Tulsa church surveillance system is so crucial to the safety of your church.



You may not have considered the importance behind the installation of a professional Tulsa church surveillance system. There are, however, several reasons why we believe this is a worthwhile, and necessary, investment in your church property.


Reduces Liability in a Accident 


Accidents happen, even on church property. The installation of a surveillance system in your church could reduce the church’s liability in the event of an accident. Anything from a staff member slipping on an icy patch of the parking lot to a child injured during youth group can be cause for a review of recorded surveillance footage. This footage is also valuable to review when finding a way to prevent future accidents of a similar manner from occurring.


Protects Your Neighbors


In addition to protecting your church property, Tulsa church surveillance can also assist in protecting your neighbors. If a criminal activity occurs in the neighborhood surrounding your church, the police may ask to review your surveillance footage. Doing so may give them insight into a potential suspect or further information on the event that occurred.


Creates a Safe Atmosphere


The primary goal of any church is to provide a safe space for their congregation. The installation of a surveillance system creates a safe atmosphere in which families and individuals thrive. Simply knowing that your church takes safety and security seriously will give parents the peace of mind to drop their child off at youth group. Young parents will feel better about utilizing the Sunday school classes with the knowledge of a surveillance system in place. This is one of the most important reasons why Tulsa church surveillance is so important.


Prevents Criminal Activity


A surveillance system that is correctly installed is proven to both deter and prevent criminal activity of all kinds. Churches often fall prey to various forms of petty crime including, but not limited to theft, destruction of property, and trespassing. Unfortunately, since many churches are unoccupied during the majority of the week, there are many opportunities for these types of criminal activity to occur. In addition to the petty crimes listed above, many more serious crimes that can occur both in and around a church building. A Tulsa church surveillance system will help to prevent these types of activities from happening on your church property.


Provides Insight


In the unfortunate event that your church or a member of the congregation becomes a victim of criminal activity, a church surveillance system can assist in the investigation. A properly installed Tulsa church surveillance system will provide insight into the situation that is highly valuable in catching the criminal. In addition to catching criminal activity on the recorded video, surveillance systems can also assist in the event that a child is missing in the church building or any other situation in which a captured video could be of assistance. Many churches also rely on outside contractors for their cleaning and repair services. Any time you allow an individual to have access to your property, it is important to install a surveillance system. A surveillance system provides accountability for any individual who works inside your church building.



By now you realize the importance of a Tulsa church surveillance system on your church property. But you are probably curious as to how this type of surveillance system works. What type of equipment is involved in the installation of your church surveillance system?


Properly Installed Surveillance Cameras

The most important part of any surveillance system, including a church surveillance system, are the cameras. In many cases, surveillance cameras are installed in a way that does not provide the viewer with maximum benefit. In addition to this, if surveillance cameras are not installed by a surveillance professional, you are left with an unsightly surveillance system. To avoid creating an eyesore, it is best to work with a professional surveillance team. Professionals are able to survey the entire area and assess the places and angles in which a camera would be most beneficial. They also install the cameras in a way that is discrete as well as appealing to the eye. This allows you to get the maximum benefit from your newly installed Tulsa church surveillance system. Some of the most important areas in which to install a surveillance camera are by any point of entry into your building. These areas include the front door, back door, side doors, large windows, and any other area in which a criminal could enter your building.


Easy to Use Surveillance Equipment

Because the safety of your church building is often overseen by many individuals, we aim to provide surveillance equipment that is easy to use. In addition to the surveillance cameras, you will need to have a way to watch and review the recorded footage. A surveillance set-up that is easy to assess and use will eliminate frustration for the members of your security team.

Ongoing Support From Professionals

With any new system that is installed in a church building, there are going to be necessary adjustments. You may need to add new surveillance cameras to a brand new addition to your building. Maybe you are unsure about how to properly utilize the software and equipment involved in the surveillance system. Our team of surveillance professionals is committed to providing your church with ongoing support. Whether that be in five days or five years, you can be sure that you will always have the professional assistance your church needs.