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The most common reason that people choose to live inside a gated neighborhood is that they desire a sense of security. Gated neighborhoods create a safe atmosphere that protects your family, home, property, and belongings from harm. However, not every crime can be prevented by the gates that surround your neighborhood! This is why a Tulsa gated neighborhood surveillance system is so important.


Installing a surveillance system in and around your gated neighborhood is the best way to improve upon the existing security measures. Unfortunately, gates can be bypassed or broken through. They often provide a false sense of security. This causes the homeowners who reside in the gated neighborhood to lower their guard against criminal activity in their area. There are many ways that a Tulsa gated neighborhood surveillance system can be beneficial to everyone who lives within the gates. Because of this, we believe every gated neighborhood should be equipped with a professional surveillance system.

Benefits of Gated Neighborhood Surveillance

The benefits of a gated neighborhood surveillance system are many. From providing increased security to creating a peaceful atmosphere, a surveillance system is beneficial to any neighborhood.

Protects Residents

As you can imagine, the primary benefit of a gated neighborhood surveillance system is that it protects the residents. The people who choose to pay a higher cost to reside within a gated community have done so for a reason. They place a high value on the safety and security of their families and homes. Installing a surveillance system in your gated neighborhood protects everyone who resides inside by deterring trespassers. In addition to this, it also provides important information in the event that a criminal event occurs. Some of the most common crimes within gated neighborhoods are theft, destruction of property, and trespassing.

Increases Property Value

A surveillance system increases the property value of the homes within the gated neighborhood. This is news that would excite any homeowner! The added security provided by a surveillance system is something that the majority of people will gladly invest in.

Tulsa Gated Neighborhood Surveillance Equipment

There are many areas in which a surveillance system is beneficial to the entire gate neighborhood The most common area to install a surveillance camera is at any point of entry. Each gate should be equipped with cameras that capture the cars that enter or exit each time. In addition to this, any gates which are created for foot traffic should also be monitored.

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In addition to these common points of access, it is also wise to install surveillance equipment around the perimeter of your gated neighborhood. Many neighborhoods backup to either wooded areas or areas of high traffic such as bike paths. Although these both create nice features, they can create an easy way for someone to forge access into the neighborhood. Adding surveillance equipment in these areas provides safety for everyone in the gated neighborhood, no matter where their house is.


Many gated neighborhoods also provide amenities for their residents. Some of these may include fitness centers, swimming pools, car wash stations, or tennis courts. The residents of the gated neighborhood pay for these amenities with their Homeowners Association fees. Because of this, it is important to make sure that no one else is benefitting from these amenities by trespassing.

Surveillance Monitoring

In addition to determining the locations which will benefit from surveillance equipment, it is also important to determine how this footage will be monitored. Many gated neighborhoods have a guardhouse where a security officer works. This is a prime location for surveillance equipment and software. If your gated neighborhood does not have a security guard, you may be able to create a secure surveillance room within your neighborhood clubhouse or other common building. This area will have restricted use and be available to only a few individuals who have been approved to monitor the captured surveillance footage.

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Surveillance Equipment Regulations

There are several rules and regulations which apply to gated neighborhood surveillance systems. It is important to abide by these state and national laws to avoid serious consequences. The best way to be sure you are within the guidelines is to work with a professional surveillance company in Tulsa. Surveillance experts will be able to install your gated neighborhood surveillance equipment in a way that is most effective. As discussed previously, any entry points should be monitored as well as public amenities. These locations include swimming pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, walking trails, sidewalks, car wash centers, and other similar amenities. Not only will this protect the residents of the gated neighborhood, but it will also protect the property and amenities which often require pricey maintenance.

Gated Neighborhood Surveillance Professionals in Tulsa

There are many reasons to work with gated neighborhood surveillance professionals in the installation of your equipment. Besides ensuring that your surveillance system is installed most efficiently, surveillance experts can also provide you with other benefits as well.

High-Quality Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance professionals are able to recommend and provide you with equipment which is properly suited for your gated neighborhood. Installing the proper surveillance equipment the first time eliminates wasted time, money, and energy. Investing in high-quality equipment gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your surveillance system will stand the test of time.

Ideal Equipment Placement

In addition to investing in the proper surveillance equipment, experts will also ensure ideal placement. It is important to install your equipment in a way that is both effective and discreet. This also provides you with a surveillance system that is aesthetically pleasing, something that your residents will be grateful for. Hiring a professional to install your surveillance system will provide you with the maximum benefit. Capturing high-quality surveillance footage can be incredibly valuable in the event of necessary review.

Ongoing Surveillance Support

One of the greatest benefits of working with a professional surveillance company in Tulsa is the ongoing support they provide to their customers. This ensures that your equipment is always in top-notch condition. This also guarantees that you won’t be left with unanswered questions about how to use or maintain your surveillance system. Ongoing support is something that is invaluable to gated neighborhoods that invest in a surveillance system.

Gated Neighborhood Surveillance Professionals in Tulsa

As gated neighborhood surveillance professionals in Tulsa, we are proud to provide you with the qualities listed above in addition to many others. It is truly our pleasure to use our expertise in the area of surveillance systems to create a safe environment for your neighborhood. Because we are surveillance experts, we promise that your new surveillance system will be installed effectively and efficiently. If you have further questions about how a gated neighborhood surveillance system can benefit your community, contact us today!

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