Our team of trained experts takes great pride in their ability to install and provide ongoing support to your new surveillance system with excellence!

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At Tulsa Surveillance Tech, our passion is excellence and protection. Our team of trained experts are dedicated to installing quality surveillance systems.


The primary component of any surveillance system is the camera. Choosing the best camera for you can be a tricky task. We can help!

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Tulsa Commercial Video Surveillance


At Tulsa Surveillance Tech, we are passionate about the safety of our clients. We desire to protect you, your family, and your business as if they were our own.

Security Camera Installation in Tulsa


Security is one of our core values at Tulsa Surveillance Tech. With a quality Surveillance System installed by our team of trained experts, you can rest assured.

Video Surveillance Tulsa


When you choose Tulsa Surveillance Tech, we strive to give you the best deal possible. Saving on equipment and labor, you can trust the we will put our clients first.

Industries We Serve


One way to improve upon your apartment complex is to invest in a quality surveillance system.


Thanks to the advances in technology, home security has never been more accessible and effective.

Gated Neighborhoods

We believe every gated neighborhood should be equipped with a professional surveillance system.


Investing in a high quality security system invests into the long term future of your commercial space.


A quality surveillance system helps to protect the church staff, congregation, and visitors.


As Tulsa surveillance professionals, we take pride in providing you with a functional security system for your rentals.


Because surveillance technology has advanced, keeping an eye on your school has never been easier.


Due to the work that occurs in hospitals and health care facilities, a surveillance system is of great importance.


By equipping your hotel with video surveillance, you provide your guests with peace of mind.


The installation of surveillance equiptment in a government building is highly beneficial for many reasons.


For a modern businesses that are dealing with hardware products, warehouse security is a critical component.


Addressing security in your manufacturing unit will help to eliminate any security complications or problems.

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At Tulsa Surveillance Tech, Our passion is excellence and protection. Our team of trained experts are dedicated to installing quality surveillance systems.


There are many factors that make installing a surveillance system unique. The various rules and regulations, as well as the type of building, requires special attention. Because of this, it is wise to work with surveillance professionals. As surveillance experts in Tulsa, we are proud to provide you with excellent care and support both during the installation of your system as well as long afterward. Our ongoing customer support is just one of the ways that we set ourselves apart. We love partnering with Tulsa locals to protect and secure their properties. Fill out our form today to get a FREE QUOTE!

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